Commonwealth Games Challenge 2018

To celebrate the oncoming Commonwealth games in the Gold Coast, Monash Sport have begun preparations for our Commonwealth Games Challenge.

The competition will occur from April 4-15, in correlation with the Commonwealth games. 

The competition will take place over all three of our campuses. The competition is focused on creating a more active Monash community by giving people the opportunity to push themselves and compete within the Monash Sport environment.

Each campus will have three winners for the Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes respectively. However, you must initially pass the minimum requirement for each prize to go into the draw to win.

To go into the draw for each prize level you must: 

Bronze - Use Monash Sport facilities six times - be it the Health & Fitness centre, Group Fitness classes, the Doug Ellis swimming pool, or our Court sport facilities throughout the length of the competition.

Silver - Use Monash Sport facilities six times throughout the length of the challenge and at least one of the four extra challenge.

Gold - Use Monash Sport facilities six times throughout the length of the challenge and complete all four of the extra challenges.

The four extra challenges, on top of the six uses of any Monash sport facilities, will consist of:
  • Your campuses monthly challenge
  • 250m swim/1km row
  • 1.5km Run
  • 3k ride
To take part in the competition, please visit any of our Service Desk to receive a Commonwealth Games Challenge card which will record your progress throughout the Challenge.

The prizes per campus for each category will be:

Gold - x2 Peninsula Hot Springs vouchers

Silver - x2 Tickets MCG/ National Sports Museum

Bronze - x2 Tickets to Glow Minigolf

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Annual College Clash 2018

The Monash Residential Services and Non-Residential Colleges annual College Clash was held on the 14 March, 2018. Monash Sport opens our grounds to over 1,000 students from 21 Halls and Colleges for this evening of challenges catered to a range of skills and abilities.  

Throughout the evening, the students were able to compete in; basketball shootouts, cup stacking, skipping-rope challenges, 100-piece puzzle solving, 2 inflatable obstacle courses, giant tug of war, and the crowd favourite - tunnel-ball. The evening ended with the wipeout competition, a tough challenge testing students' ability to balance on 4 large inflatable spheres. 

The key aspect of this event is the large-scale student engagement, through participation and support for the team. Monash Sport is incredibly proud to be able to host such a fantastic event and looks forward to doing it all again in 2019.